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Industry Pro? Apply here for our Contractor Program to receive exclusive discounts on all Orders!

How to Install PROVA Flex-Heat Uncoupling Membrane

PROVA Flex-Heat Uncoupling Membrane Installation

A simple step by step guide to installing a PROVA Flex-Heat Uncoupling Membrane. The PROVA Flex-Heat Uncoupling Membrane provides the ultimate versality in tile underlayment, as well as the ultimate system for installing a Floor Heating Cable.

The Flex-Heat uncoupling membrane, also known as a decoupling membrane, uses crack isolation and waterproofing systems to protect and extend the life of your floor covering, making for a safe, long-lasting floor and radiant heating installation. The Flex-Heat membrane is a great choice for tile installations.

Please note that this is a general overview of how to install a floor uncoupling membrane, and we recommend thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the full installation process before proceeding with your uncoupling membrane installation.

Products and tools you will need:

  • PROVA Flex-Heat Uncoupling Membrane
  • LuxHeat Floor Heating Cable
  • PROVA Joint Waterproofing Tape
  • Modified thinset
  • Notched trowel
  • Float
  • Utility knife
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil or marker 

1. Install the PROVA Flex-Heat Membrane

    Begin by installing the heated floor membrane. Cut the roll of membrane into sections to cover your floor area and mark the floor to show where the different sections will go.

    Apply thinset to your subfloor with the notched trowel and install the heat membrane section by section. Press down the membrane with the float to ensure it is flat and firmly bonds to the subfloor.

    2. Install the LuxHeat Heating Cable

      Run the cable cold lead and the sensor wire up the wall conduit to the Thermostat junction box. Then lace the Cable back and forth in the uncoupling membrane channels, spacing the cable runs three studs apart.

      Install the floor sensor probe in a channel between two heating wire runs.

      3. Optional – Waterproof your Installation

        To waterproof your installation, which is optional but recommended for wet areas such as bathrooms, use PROVA Joint waterproofing tape. Apply thinset over all the joins between the sections of uncoupling membrane and seal the joins with the PROVA Joint tape. Do the same around all the edges of the floor.

        4. Cover the Uncoupling Membrane and Heating Cable

          Floor heating systems must be covered in a layer of thinset or self-levelling underlayment. Cover the entire heater taking care not to damage any heating wires.

          5. Install your Floor Covering

            Once the thinset or underlayment has hardened, you may install your floor covering. Uncoupling membranes provide great support for tiles, or laminate, hardwood, luxury vinyl and many more floor types. When installing tiles over the uncoupling membrane, take care not to damage any heating wires while laying the tiles.

            6. Enjoy your Warm Floor!

              Now your heated floor membrane installation is complete, and you can enjoy your luxurious warm floor for decades to come, thanks to PROVA Flex-Heat and LuxHeat Floor Heating Systems.

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