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Industry Pro? Click here to apply for our Contractor Program and receive exclusive discounts on all Orders!
Industry Pro? Apply here for our Contractor Program to receive exclusive discounts on all Orders!

About Us

ProLux Materials is a Manufacturer and Distributor of Quality Kits and Components for Remodeling and New build – specializing in Electric Floor Heating Systems.


About Our Company

ProLux Materials LLC is an American, family business, committed to providing homeowners with comfortable and luxurious spaces, as well as assisting contractors and businesses with quality products and streamlined service for their projects.

Co-founders Peter and Nigel have over 50 years' combined experience in Floor Heating and have to do directly with the day to day running of the business to ensure our clients receive the outstanding service the business has become known for.


Our Service Commitment

At ProLux Materials LLC – we believe top notch customer service and support is an indispensable part of supplying great products.

As having long worked with contractors, electricians, and other craftsman professionals, we realize the importance of providing customers with timely, quality products and workmanship. Which is why our mission is to provide the service and support – to make any building or remodeling project, a streamlined process.

In addition to this – we offer a specialized Contractor Program with exclusive discounts and personalized service to support and benefit your company.

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(General Contractor -

Seattle, WA)

Friendly, personalized service means a lot to me as a small business owner learning as I go and trying to provide friendly, high-touch service of my own. I appreciate what you guys are doing and am happy to be back with more business.



(Property Developer -

New York, NY)

Very happy as a customer - awesome service, awesome product! Everything works very well. Overall - really appreciate your taking the time and walking me thru the process - it is not very often that a founder pays so much attention to customers .. and it is both noted and really appreciated.


K. H.
(Electrical Contractor -
Rohnert Park, CA)

Thank you! Really glad I found you guys. I’ll be using you a lot more.