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Industry Pro? Apply here for our Contractor Program to receive exclusive discounts on all Orders!

Floor Heating Thermostats

Our range of OJ Microline Thermostats offers
the latest in functionality and design – providing
the ultimate in Luxury and Comfort, Reliability
and Affordability.

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Intelligent Control

For ultimate control and maximum energy efficiency of your LuxHeat Floor Heating System, we recommend the use of an intelligent OJ Microline Floor Heating Thermostat.

ProLux Materials LLC is the distributor for this internationally recognized range of Radiant Floor Heating thermostats, manufactured in Denmark. These robust, quality Floor Heating controllers ensure an easy and simple installation, while complimenting any room with their sleek, stylish design.

The modern heated floor Thermostat provides so much more than simple temperature control - it is a personalized and intuitive device designed to give a greater degree of control and comfort in the hands of the user.

We offer a range of top-quality thermostats for floor heating for sale.

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Explore the Range of Heated Floor Thermostats

Our range of OJ Microline Thermostats for in-floor heating offers everything from a Non-Programmable model to the latest WiFi Enabled Touchscreen edition.

All our units are c-UL-us Listed for safe installation and operation in the USA and Canada, and boast a built-in Class A GFCI, as well as dual-voltage and dual-sensing functionality.

Manage your energy consumption and heating needs with an easy-to-use system, ensuring you control exactly how your home is heated.

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Why Choose OJ Microline Thermostats

ProLux Materials offers the internationally recognized range of OJ Microline Thermostats, designed and manufactured by OJ Electronics in Denmark, and well known as the industry leading brand of Floor Heating controllers.

OJ Microline Thermostats feature state-of-the-art designs and technology. Our selection includes both programmable and non-programmable options, and the latest touchscreen model with WiFi connectivity, ensuring everyone can enjoy a heated floor thermostat with just the technology they need, from the most basic to the most advanced.

All our Thermostats are dual-voltage, dual-sensing, and feature a built-in Class A GFCI, with c-UL-us Approval for Safe Installation and use in the United States and Canada.

Choosing an OJ Microline Thermostat will allow you to benefit from the use of sophisticated technology in your home that delivers all the luxury and convenience of the modern age while still providing a simple, streamlined, and reliable temperature regulation system that you can rely on for years to come.

How It Works

The OJ Microline Thermostats will revolutionize the way you heat your home or business. The modern floor heat thermostat provides more than just simple temperature control; it's an adaptive, user-friendly tool made to put more power and convenience in the hands of the homeowner.

This easy-to-use system helps you manage your home's energy use and heating requirements utilizing precise and safe control, allowing you to enjoy superior warmth and comfort, with decreased user input and energy costs.

Our programmable Thermostats feature a 7-day/4-event program, allowing you to precisely control your heating system to suit your needs.

With the WiFi Model, thanks to WLAN connectivity, you can access and manage your home heating system from virtually anywhere with a user-friendly app. If you turn on the heat before leaving, you’ll have a nice, toasty house waiting for you when you return, or change your heating schedule remotely in case of a delay – thereby saving you any unnecessary cost.

Advantages of OJ Microline Thermostats

OJ Microline’s attention to current market trends and customer needs has made them one of the world’s leading Thermostat manufacturers, with products recognized for quality and reliability. The Thermostat’s offer the latest innovations and ultimate versatility produced by 36 years of experience and research.

Features include dual-sensing technology to suit either floor or room temperature - or both, and floor protection settings to protect laminate or hardwood floor coverings. All the thermostats are Wet room approved allowing for safe installation in bathrooms.

The latest WiFi Enabled model boasts an app making it simple to regulate the temperature of your home or business to perfection, regardless of location. Additionally, it offers supplemental features that streamline your installation process. By scanning the QR code, users can quickly access additional resources, such as an online user guide.

How to Install OJ Microline Thermostats

All our Thermostats are designed according to North American standards and specifications making for quick and easy installation and boast simple intuitive menus, making for easy setup even without a manual.

All programmable models are preprogrammed allowing for reduced setup time.

The WiFi compatible model comes with an installation wizard. Simply follow the prompts for an easy, hassle-free installation process, or you can scan the QR support code for instant access to an online manual.

Why Buy OJ Microline Floor Heating Thermostats from Us

ProLux Materials offers advanced service and support backed by 25 years of experience with OJ Microline products.

The Thermostats are the perfect match for our LuxHeat Electric Floor Heating Systems allowing you to obtain an “all-in-one” system for your floor heating requirements with complete, professional support.

Since every customer has different needs, our team's in-depth understanding of electronic controllers for electric underfloor heating enables us to recommend the ultimate solution, regardless of whether you are looking for a specific feature or a specific level of capability.

Our personalized level of service ensures that you have the product and technical support you need -when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are OJ Microline Thermostats safe?

Yes, the Thermostats have a built in GFCI and are c-UL-us Approved for safe installation and operation in the USA and Canada. They are also wet room approved for installation in bathrooms.

Can I adjust the temperature on my OJ Microline Floor Thermostat remotely?

Yes, the WiFi model features WLAN connectivity enabling remote access and management of the home underfloor heating system.

Can I set different temperatures throughout the house with the OJ Microline Floor Heating Thermostats?

Yes, you can install multiple thermostats with separate heating systems to create different zones or areas so you can control the temperature at room or area level.

Is the OJ Microline Thermostat difficult to install?

No, OJ Microline Thermostats are simple to install and set up and in fact the advanced models include extra features such as an online user guide and an install wizard to expedite the installation process.

What are some of the features of the OJ Microline Thermostats?

Our products are dual-voltage, dual-sensing, and have a Class A GFCI built in.