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Industry Pro? Apply here for our Contractor Program to receive exclusive discounts on all Orders!

LuxHeat Floor Heating Mat Kits

The LuxHeat Radiant Floor Heating Mat
is one of the most robust, easy-to-install
heated flooring systems available
on the market today.

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Full Comfort

The LuxHeat Heating Mat has been designed to provide you with the easiest and quickest way to install Floor Heating in your home.

Boasting the latest In Floor Heating Technology, the Radiant Floor Heat Mat System is designed and c-UL-us Approved specifically for USA and Canada, and listed as Safe for Wet Areas, guaranteeing safe, affordable, and luxurious heated floors for your home for decades to come.

Due to the in floor design of the Radiant Heating System, which allows for full coverage of the area you need to warm, you can enjoy even heat throughout any room where it is installed, making hard floors warm, attractive, and practical all year round. Best of all, this clean, silent, and invisible floor heat solution will not dry out the air or aggravate allergies.


About the Floor Heating Mat System

Our LuxHeat Electric Floor Heating Mat, combined with an intuitive, energy efficient Thermostat, provides all you need for a luxurious heated floor in a simple kit form. Our Kit selection offers OJ Microline’s range of quality Floor Heat Thermostats, ensuring ultimate control and maximum energy efficiency for your System.

Easy to retrofit or install on new floors, the pre-spaced cable on mesh design allows you to simply roll out the mat on your subfloor before covering in self-levelling screed. The product boasts self-adhesive mesh on one side and double-sided tape on the other, allowing you to flip or rotate the Mat to achieve maximum coverage, while ensuring it remains flat and adheres to the subfloor on both sides.

Better still, the heater wires are less than 5/32" thick, ensuring minimal effect to your finished floor height. If it wasn’t for the lovely warm feeling in the room, you would never know it had been fitted.

Thermostat Comparison Table

Compare Thermostat Features To Assist With Your Kit Selection

The internationally recognized range of OJ Microline Thermostats offers the latest in functionality and design – providing the ultimate in luxury and comfort, reliability and affordability.

OJ Electronics, headquartered in Denmark, has been at the cutting-edge of designing and developing electronic controls for In Floor Heating Systems for over 50 years. OJ’s keen insight into customer needs and current trends in the industry has made them one of the world’s leading Thermostat manufacturers.

The modern In Floor Heating Thermostat provides so much more than simple temperature control - it is a personalized and intuitive device designed to give a greater degree of control and comfort in the hands of the user.




(Customer - United States)

Very happy with this product! Installation was a breeze and works perfectly. I would definitely recommend this for anybody wanting to Heat their Floors. Customer service was great responding to questions, buy with confidence with my friend’s.


(Customer - United States)

This system works like a charm. It is extremely easy to install. Just do it…you won’t regret having warm floors!



(Customer - United States)

Amazing! Love! Love! Love my new heated floor! We installed this in my bathroom. It's life changing! Seriously! I want to put it all through my house. I am planning to remodel my kitchen in a couple months and I will definitely be buying more. Highly recommend!!

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Why Choose LuxHeat

Unlike conventional heaters, LuxHeat radiant floor heating raises the temperature of your entire floor and evenly distributes heat throughout the room, so there are no uncomfortable cold spots.

The LuxHeat Kit is a great option for those seeking a heated floor system that is easy to install, safe, reliable, and economical. Better still, heated floors add value to your home and bring a new level of luxury and comfort to your lifestyle.

The Kit is suitable for installation under most floor coverings and is ideal for tiles – including porcelain, ceramic, marble, and more. Other suitable floor coverings include laminate, vinyl, engineered hardwood flooring and more.

How It Works

If it wasn’t for the welcoming warmth of the room, you wouldn’t even know that the heated floor mat had been installed.

Because heated floor systems warm up objects in the room, like you, this provides that cozy, toasty experience without the uncomfortable stuffiness of conventional heating systems. Floor heating does not dry out the air or stir up dust and trigger allergies, making it the perfect heating solution for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Once the mat has been installed, there are no unsightly plug-in heaters, radiators, or vents, and no annoying fan noise: nor any storage or space hassles.

The LuxHeat Radiant Mat is one of the most durable, adaptable, and easily installed heated floor systems now on the market. Reinforcing mesh made of resin-coated fibre glass is used to protect the heating element and strengthen the thinset or mortar.

The mat stays in place whether flipped or turned thanks to the self-adhesive mesh on one side and the double-sided tape on the other.

Advantages of LuxHeat Mat Kits

  • Luxury and comfort provided by a comprehensive kit that includes a self-adhesive heating mat, a continuity monitor/alarm, and an OJ Microline Thermostat with a floor sensor and built-in GFCI (Ground Fault Protection).

  • Easy installation due to the self-adhesive mesh on the one side and double-sided tape on the other, allowing the mat to adhere to the sub-floor and lay flat even when flipped.

  • High quality backed by a warranty for peace of mind. The LuxHeat team has over 50 years of combined expertise in the floor heating sector and provides a comprehensive selection of high-quality heated floor systems backed by exceptional support. With LuxHeat's 25-year limited guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that your investment will be safe and reliable for years to come.

  • Our OJ Microline Thermostats offer contemporary designs and simple operation, making them easy to set up and operate.

How to Install LuxHeat Mat Kits

The Kits can be easily installed with the following steps:

  1. Check and prepare the subfloor. Where floors have previously been covered with vinyl, stick down carpeting, or parquet wood blocks, all traces of these coverings, as well as any glue or bitumen, must be removed.
  2. Examine the area where the under tile heating mat will be installed and arrange the layout.
  3. Test the system prior to installation as per the included installation manual.
  4. Connect the installation alarm to the mat to alert the installer in case of damage during the installation.
  5. Roll out the heating mat and cut and turn as needed. You may cut the mesh of the mat but DO NOT CUT THE RED HEATING WIRE. Sections of the heating wire can be removed from the mesh to cover hard-to-reach areas.
  6. Install the floor sensor. This must be positioned halfway between two heating wires to accurately read the floor temperature.
  7. Remove the installation monitor and perform another test before screeding.
  8. Cover the heating system using thinset or a self-leveling underlayment, ensuring the system is entirely covered.
  9. Install your floor covering and perform a final test once this is completed.
  10. Install the thermostat and allow the floor time to properly cure before powering on the system.

Why Buy LuxHeat Floor Heating Mat Kits from Us

Prolux Materials LLC is a family-owned company in the United States providing high-quality materials throughout the country. We are confident in our ability to meet any and all logistical thanks to our central Kentucky and Tennessee facilities.

We strive to provide a “full-basket” of affordable, dependable, high quality products backed by unsurpassed customer support. We supply only the best brands giving you the assurance of using a well-known, well-established, tried and tested product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between radiant floor heating and conventional heating

Unlike traditional heaters, LuxHeat radiant floor heating raises the temperature of the entire floor and evenly distributes heat across the room, eliminating any cold areas.

How does the LuxHeat mat improve the air quality of the room?

Because the radiant floor heating warms objects in the room rather than the air, you can enjoy that cosy, toasty warmth without the stuffiness of traditional heating systems. Additionally radiant floor heating is clean and does not stir up dust particles.

Is the LuxHeat mat easy to install?

Yes. The Mat consists of heating cable pre-spaced on self-adhesive mesh. The mat can simply be rolled out and is kept in place whether flipped or turned due to the self-adhesive mesh on one side and the double-sided tape on the other.

Which floor coverings are compatible with the LuxHeat Mat Kit?

The Mat is suitable to be installed under most floor coverings, including but not limited to:

  • Tiled floors, including porcelain, marble, stone and ceramic
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Engineered hardwood.
Will the Mat Kit take up any space?

No, there are no unattractive plug-in heaters, radiators, or vents after the mat is installed, so no space is lost, and there is no unpleasant noise from fans.