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LuxHeat Radiant Floor Heating Cable System with Uncoupling Membrane & WiFi Thermostat

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Our LuxHeat Electric Floor Heating Kit with Heating Cable and Uncoupling Membrane offers a cutting-edge solution for a comfortable and energy-efficient heating system in any indoor space. We also offer LuxHeat Radiant Floor Heating Cable System with Uncoupling Membrane & Touch Programmable Thermostat.

This comprehensive kit is designed to provide luxurious warmth from the floor up while adding the waterproofing and floor protection benefits of the uncoupling membrane.

Control your system with a state-of-the-art OJ Microline WiFi Enabled Thermostat for enhanced user experience and energy savings.

  • 25 Year Warranty
  • cULus Approved for USA & Canada
  • Safe for Wet Areas including showers
  • Suitable for under tile, laminate, vinyl, hardwood and more
  • Includes OJ Microline UWG4-4999 WiFi Enabled Touch Programmable Thermostat
  • Includes PROVA FlexHeat+ Uncoupling Membrane for Floor Heating Cables
  • Additional Membrane coverage included
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Select Voltage: 120V
Select Size: 10 sqft

Kit Contents

The LuxHeat Radiant Floor Heating Cable System with Uncoupling Membrane & WiFi Thermostat kit includes all the key components for a functional and luxurious Radiant Floor Heating System.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

✔ Single cold lead with double insulation.

✔ cULus Listed for USA and Canada, classified as safe for wet Locations.

✔ Provides optimal heat distribution of 12watts/sqft @ 3" spacing.

✔ Experience an ultra-low electromagnetic field (EMF) with cutting-edge dual conductor technology and foil sheath.

✔ The finished floor height is minimally affected as the heater wire measures less than 5/32 inches in thickness.

✔ Cables can be installed in any shape or pattern, to suit your floor layout.

✔ Health professionals recommend this product for individuals with allergies.

✔ Say goodbye to unattractive heaters, storage hassles, maintenance, and smells.

✔ Ensure safety for children, elderly, and pets by eliminating hot, exposed, or moving parts.

✔ Ensure your personal comfort and affordability with accurate and intelligent control.


Membrane Features

✔ Suitable for interior residential and commercial tile applications on cement slabs and wood substrates.

✔ Protects and extends the life of your floor using crack isolation and vapor management.

✔ Vapor Management System: Open-air channels beneath the fleece layer provides a path for moisture to dissipate.

✔ Versatile Heating Cable Compatibility: Can be used with multiple wire sizes of up to 0.2” (5 mm) thick.

✔ Suitable for 3" (7.6 cm) Cable Spacing providing the most efficient heat distribution as per wire manufacturer specifications.

✔ Thickness: 0.26" (6.5 mm). Use without cables to achieve a smooth transition to higher floors.

✔ Achieved an EXTRA HEAVY Performance Rating When Tested to ASTM C627.


Thermostat Features

✔ Enjoy remote control via phone or tablet due to WiFi Connectivity.

✔ User friendly app compatible with iOS or Android.

✔ 3.5" Color Touch Screen for interactive control.

✔ 3 Year Factory Warranty.

✔ Built in GFCI Class A 5mA.

✔ cULus Listed for both the USA and Canada.

✔ Load: 15amps - 1800w @ 120v/ 3600 @ 240V.

✔ Dual Voltage: 120 Volt or 240V.

✔ Dual sensing: Air & Floor.

✔ Pre-set 7-Day, 4-Event Program - fully customizable.

✔ Other Modes: Child lock, Manual override and more.

How To Select the Correct Size Heating Cable




Tina M. Floridia
(Customer - United States)

Product arrived earlier then expected and was super easy to install. Just make sure you measure your room exactly because you can not cut the cable.


Tracy Gregg

(Customer - United States)

This system works like a charm. It is extremely easy to install. Just do it…you won’t regret having warm floors!


Emily Engberson

(Customer - United States)

Great product, easy to install.