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Industry Pro? Apply here for our Contractor Program to receive exclusive discounts on all Orders!

LuxHeat Floor Heating Cable Kits

The LuxHeat loose-lay Floor Heating Cable
provides you with the ultimate in design flexibility,
allowing for custom configurations and easy installations.

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Flexible Installation

The LuxHeat Floor Heating Cable System is one of the most robust, versatile, easy-to-install Under Floor Heating Systems available on the market today.

Boasting the latest Under Floor Heating Cable Technology, the Cable System is designed and c-UL-us Approved specifically for USA and Canada, and certified as Safe for Wet Areas, guaranteeing safe, affordable, and luxurious Heating for your home for decades to come.

Due to the in-floor design of the Heating System, which allows for full coverage of the area you need to heat, you can enjoy even warmth throughout any room where it is installed, making hard floors comfortable, attractive, and practical all year round. Best of all, this clean, silent, and invisible floor warming solution will not dry out the air or aggravate allergies.


Cable Features

Our LuxHeat Cable Kit offers all you need for a luxurious Under Floor Heating System in a simple kit form, including an intuitive, economical OJ Microline Thermostat. Our Kit selection offers the OJ Microline range of quality Thermostats, ensuring ultimate control and maximum energy efficiency for your System.

The loose-lay, free-form design of the Cable System offers the ultimate in design flexibility, allowing for custom configurations and easy installations. The Cable can be installed in any shape or pattern, allowing you to install Under Floor Heating in rooms of any size or shape. The Cable is suited for installation with Uncoupling Membranes or Fixing Strips, enabling you to use the fixing method of your choice.

The electric floor heating cable is designed to provide optimal heat distribution at 3" spacing between wires - providing 12 Watts of heat per square foot and the wires should never cross over or be closer than 2” apart.

Thermostat Comparison Table

Compare Thermostat Features To Assist With Your Kit Selection

Our range of Thermostats, made by OJ Electronics, offers the latest in functionality and design – providing the ultimate in luxury and comfort, reliability and affordability.

Danish manufacturer, OJ Electronics, has been at the cutting-edge of designing and developing electronic controls for Under Floor Heating for over 50 years. OJ’s keen insight into customer needs and current trends in the industry has made them one of the world’s leading thermostat brands.

The modern Radiant Floor Heat Thermostat provides so much more than simple temperature control - it is a personalized and intuitive device designed to give a greater degree of control and comfort in the hands of the user.




(Customer - United States)

This was actually easier to install than the mat would have been because of the shape of the room. The metal strips make it super easy and it was surprisingly quick. We saved a bundle and works just the same!


T. M. F.
(Customer - United States)

Product arrived earlier then expected and was super easy to install. Just make sure you measure your room exactly because you can not cut the cable.



(Customer - United States)

I love the deal,
Everything came in as expected, package had everything to complete heating wire installation!
Came in faster than expected!

Very good Price!

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Why Choose LuxHeat Floor Heating Cable Kits

LuxHeat's loose-lay/free-form underfloor heating cables provide maximum design freedom, allowing for bespoke layouts and simple installation.

The LuxHeat Floor Heating Cable Kit is ideally suited for installation beneath tiles, laminate, luxury vinyl tile and other floor surfaces. Heating wires must be inserted in a self-leveling underlayment, thinset, or cementitious mortar.

The LuxHeat Floor Heating Cable Kit includes a thermostat with a clean, modern look and simple operation. LuxHeat Cables can be used as a primary or supplementary source of heat.

With its easy installation process and intuitive design, the LuxHeat Floor Heating Cable Kit delivers ultimate luxury and added value to your home with no fuss and low outlay.

How It Works

Unlike traditional heaters, which only warm one area of a room, LuxHeat radiant floor heating evenly distributes heat through the floor and up into the room, leaving no cold spots.

Our extensive selection of loose-lay/free-form underfloor heating cables offers complete freedom in design and layout, allowing for custom combinations and simple installation.

The OJ Microline Thermostat can be set to control Floor Temperature, Room Temperature, or Room Temperature with Floor Temperature Limiting, offering maximum comfort while preventing floor coverings from exceeding recommended temperatures.

The Thermostat provides all the functionality required for simple installation and temperature control on any floor type. We recommend installing the floor sensor and using the thermostat's default 'Dual Sensor' setting for maximum comfort and cost savings.

The LuxHeat Installation Monitor is intended to measure the continuity of the underfloor heating cables to provide peace of mind during installation.

Advantages of LuxHeat Floor Heating Cable Kits

These are some of the benefits you'll enjoy if you install LuxHeat Cable Kits with Fixing Strips in your home:

  • The Cables can be installed in any pattern to suit your particular floor design.
  • Because the Cables resistance in ohms is constant, the floor maintains the same temperature throughout.
  • The Cable offers a waterproof system suited for bathrooms and showers, plus, underfloor heat does not dry out the air, stir up dust, or aggravate allergies.
  • There are no unsightly cables or plugins, and the space in your home is yours without the need for large heaters or radiators. Added to this, there is no need to take up extra storage space during the summer to pack away cumbersome heating appliances.
  • The system is safe and dependable, backed by a 25-year warranty from an American family-owned business with more than 50 years of experience in the industry.
  • The OJ Microline Thermostat features a modern look and straightforward operation, making it simple to set up and use.

How to Install LuxHeat Floor Heating Cable Kits

It is simple to install your LuxHeat Floor Heating Cable Kits:

  1. Begin by arranging your cable layout and preparing your floor. The subfloor must be dry, level, smooth, and structurally solid, as well as clean and free of sharp edges, nails, and any other items that could damage the heating wire.
  2. Test the cable before you begin the installation as per the installation guidelines.
  3. Connect the installation alarm to the heating cable.
  4. Install the heating cable using the fixing method of your choice, the cables should be laced at 3” intervals for optimum heat distribution. Cables runs should never overlap or be closer than 2” apart.
  5. Once the cable has been installed, perform another test, and then reconnect the monitor.
  6. Apply thinset or a self-levelling underlay over the cables, ensuring that they are entirely covered.
  7. Install your floor covering.
  8. Perform a final test and install your Thermostat.
  9. Do not turn the system on until the screed has had sufficient time to cure.

Why Buy LuxHeat Floor Heating Cable Kits from Us

Our high-quality LuxHeat Floor Heating Cable Kit is safe, dependable, and simple to install, and it comes with a 25-year warranty. This solution easily increases the market value of your property and provides a high standard of living at a low recurring cost.

ProLux Materials LLC is a family-owned company established in the United States that distributes high-quality products across the country.

We prioritize the timely delivery of outstanding products and services. Our purpose is to provide you with the product and service you need to complete any building or remodeling project, in a timely, hassle-free manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the LuxHeat Floor Heating Cable Kits easy to install?

LuxHeat Cable Kits are easy to install and offer a great amount of design freedom. The loose-lay/free-form design of the underfloor heating cables allows for complete design and layout flexibility, allowing for custom combinations and straightforward installation.

Are the LuxHeat Floor Heating Cable Kits waterproof?

Yes, the LuxHeat Floor Heating Cable Kits are waterproof and approved to be safely
installed in bathrooms or showers.

How does the Thermostat work?

The OJ Microline thermostat can be programmed to control Floor Temperature, Room Temperature, or Room Temperature with Floor Temperature Limiting, providing optimal comfort while keeping floor coverings from exceeding specified temperatures.

How do the LuxHeat Floor Heating Cable Kits compare to conventional heating methods?

Our Floor Heating Kits are more economical than traditional heating methods with improved heat distribution and air quality. This is because heat is evenly distributed
throughout the room and the air is not dried out as with forced air systems.

Is ProLux Materials based in the US?

Yes, ProLux Materials LLC is a US-based, family-owned company with more than 50 years of industry